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General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale

These General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale (hereinafter Terms of Use) regulate access in Chile to our site www.kremeyewear.com and its use by all users or buyers.

The user of this website will be able to know, quote, compare and eventually buy the products that are published on this site, under the conditions indicated.

These Terms of Use will be applied and will be understood to be incorporated into all purchases of products that are contracted on this website, through the sales systems included in this website.
The electronic commerce to which this website gives rise will respect all the rights and guarantees that the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights establishes for electronic transactions.

Additionally, this website adheres to the principles of the Code of Good Practices for Electronic Commerce of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.

Acceptance by the user of this website

These Terms of Use are intended to regulate the use of this website, which Krem makes available to the public at URL [web page].
It is understood that the content of this website is directed exclusively to users or buyers who operate within Chile or are residents of Chile. The access and use of this website is subject to the applicable provisions of Chilean legislation on the matter.

Modifications to these Terms of Use

Krem reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of this website, as well as the services and conditions required to use this website and its services.
The user of this website will be automatically bound by the Terms of Use in force at the time they access this website, so they must periodically read these Terms of Use.

Buy on this website

This website is enabled to make online purchases, in accordance with Chilean legislation.

In the case of purchases by electronic means, these Terms of Use are incorporated as part of the sales contract and must be expressly accepted at the time of purchase.

Contracts made by electronic means are subject to general regulations. Regarding the right of withdrawal and the formation of consent, Law 19,496 (On Protection of Consumer Rights), provides certain particular rules.

In order to make purchases on this website, the user must create an account or purchase as a guest, with a means of payment associated with it. In this account, the user must indicate their full name, their RUT/RUN, a physical address for product delivery, an e-mail address and a password or secret key. It is the responsibility of the user that this account is private and that only he, or someone authorized by him, access it, since it could contain private personal data, including medical, financial or purchase histories that reflect his habits or personal preferences. .

It is the user's responsibility to verify that the data provided is correct and complete, and is also obliged to inform immediately when any variation in the information provided occurs. The user can access their information and update it through the following link.
The user is recommended not to share his account and/or password with anyone, taking care of the access of third parties to his computer or mobile device when his session is active. The system will allow you to easily start and close the session, as well as change your password as many times as necessary to protect the confidentiality of your personal data. The user must inform immediately if they have reason to believe that their account or password have been violated.

This website sells children's products, but only people over 18 can buy online.
To make purchases on this site, the user must follow the following steps, selecting the respective fields:

1. Select the products you want to buy and add them to the "shopping cart".
2. Enter your e-mail address and your password, starting your session or as a guest.
3. Select the type of dispatch and the means of payment.
4. Once the previous points have been fulfilled, a description of the product or products, their price, the estimated delivery date according to the selected shipping method, the means of payment, the total value of the operation and the other conditions of payment will be displayed on the screen. the order.
5. To submit the order or purchase order, the buyer must expressly accept these Terms of Use by checking the box selected for this purpose and selecting the "Place your order" button.
6. Next, the buyer will receive an e-mail with the order or order number confirming that the order has been submitted and indicating that it is in the validation process. Said order or order number will be the reference number for the buyer in case he does not receive the e-mail that validates the purchase and informs the contract of the next step. The sale will not be considered perfected until the payment is validated by the payment system.
7. After validating the purchase and the payment accepted by our payment system, the purchase will be understood as perfected-
8. The ticket or invoice will be sent in electronic or physical format and the products will be dispatched according to the selected shipping method.

In case of any doubt, please contact our customer service available either by email, telephone or web chat.

Dispatch, changes, returns and guarantees

Regarding the dispatch of the products, the user may choose the conditions of dispatch and delivery of the products purchased from among those that are reported on this site.

The purchased products will be dispatched as soon as possible and should arrive at the address indicated by the buyer within the period indicated in the detail of the sale and its general conditions. In case of any delay or error in the dispatch, please contact our available customer service.

In the event of an error in the products shipped, the buyer must return the products at our offices and when they are in good condition, including the original packaging elements, such as labels, boxes, protection elements or their respective value. The buyer can then coordinate a new shipment or request a refund.
It is expressly provided that the right of withdrawal will not apply, as established in article 3 bis letter b) of Law 19,496, applicable to contracts entered into by electronic means.
The following guarantees may apply to the products purchased, as the case may be:

Aesthetic Guarantee During the first 10 days after the purchase, if you are not satisfied with the decision for aesthetic reasons, the color or model will be changed for another of equal or greater value. If you choose a higher value model, you will have to pay the difference.

The glasses to be returned must be in perfect condition, glasses, case and cloth. Only one change will be made after the initial purchase.

Confidentiality and use of information

The collection, processing and storage of personal data of the user of this site is regulated in the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (link or link) and as pertinent in the Cookies Policy (link or link), which the User of this website must read and accept before delivering any personal data through this website, and before using this page.
Krem will adopt the necessary and prudent measures to safeguard the security of all personal data. In the event of detecting changes in the information that has been registered on the site, or in the event of any irregularity in the transactions related to your identification or that of the means of payment, or simply as an identity protection measure, Krem may contact the user of this site by telephone or e-mail, in order to confirm information and avoid possible fraud.
In the event that fraud is verified or the user's security is at risk, and it is not possible to contact the user to corroborate or rule out said risks, the purchase orders could be left without effect.
Without prejudice to the provisions of the law, and with the exception of medical information that may be provided for the purchase of products with a medical prescription, the information, materials, content or observations that the user of this website provides to Krem , will be considered non-confidential, Krem reserving the right to use them in the way it deems most appropriate in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

The user of this website guarantees that the information, material, content or observations that are not their own personal data and that are provided to Krem through this website do not infringe the intellectual property rights or refer to personal data of third parties, nor in general violate any other legal provision.

Intellectual property

All the contents of this website, unless otherwise indicated, are the exclusive property of Krem or third parties who have authorized their inclusion on this website.

The pages of this website (content, structure, design, computer programs) are protected by copyright. In particular, reproductions, adaptations, translations, storage and processing in other media, including storage or processing of information and images by electronic means, are protected by copyright.

Any use or exploitation, in whole or in part, will require the prior written consent of Krem. Any reproduction of information or data, in particular the use of texts or parts thereof or images, or any other exploitation or disclosure, requires the prior written consent of Krem. The rights of dissemination and reproduction of the aforementioned contents are the property of Krem.

It is strictly prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, edit, sell or in any way exploit the design and content of this website for commercial purposes.
The logos of Krem and its products, its distinctive signs, all the names and brands of products, services and/or establishments, are registered trademarks and intellectual or industrial property of Krem.

Any unauthorized use or abuse of these trademarks or industrial property is expressly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the law.
For this reason, the user of this website acknowledges that the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, commercialization or transformation of the elements indicated in the previous sections constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Krem or the owner thereof.

Responsibility for the use of this website

The user of this website is solely responsible for the infractions that may be incurred or for the damages that may be caused or caused by the use of this website, leaving Krem, exonerated from any kind of responsibility that could be derived from the user actions.
The user of this website is solely responsible for any claim or legal action, judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by third parties against Krem based on the use by the user of this website. If applicable, the user will assume any expenses, costs and compensation incurred by Krem due to such claims or legal actions.

B) Responsibility for the operation of this website
Krem does not assume any responsibility for damages or losses that may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system, caused by causes beyond Krem's control.
Likewise, Krem does not assume any responsibility that may derive from delays or blockages in the operational functioning of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overload in the telephone lines or on the Internet, as well as damages caused by third parties through illegitimate interference outside the control of kmaleon.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

Any controversy arising from the interpretation or execution of these Terms of Use will be interpreted under Chilean law.
Likewise, Krem and the user of this website, waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the Republic of Chile for any dispute that may arise.